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Audi scheduled maintenance

Keeping Your Audi in the Good Shape

The best way to minimize more serious breakdowns and the higher costs associated with repair issues is through preventative maintenance. Audi scheduled maintenance is designed to make sure your vehicle is well lubed and running in its best condition. Being actively involved in the maintenance of your Audi is essential to protect not only your investment but also to help you avoid costly repairs as well as fine tune your Audi's performance, safety and fuel efficiency.

Audi Diagnostics

It All Starts with Accurate Diagnostics

Accurate diagnostics saves you money! Once we have diagnosed a problem with your Audi, our objective is to communicate the problem and solution to you in a way that is simple to understand. In many cases, we will discuss and inform you on the options for repairs and the risks associated with them. No work will be performed on your vehicle without your go-ahead. Our goal is to always provide you the lowest cost, high quality and safe Audi repair.

Audi Engine Carbon Cleaning

Audi Engine Carbon Cleaning

Many Audi direct injection engines experience an excessive carbon build up on the intake valves. The carbon build-up can cause drivability issues such as stumbling, flat spots and lack of power, poor throttle response etc. Furthermore, Audi engine’s carbon build-up on intake valves is usually associated with an inconsistent idle and in some cases, a direct injection engine will not idle at all when it’s cold. In many cases, this can lead to a check engine light and failure to pass emissions.

Audi's Timing Belt Service

Audi's Timing Belt Service

Timing belt replacements are costly, but NOT replacing it will cost even more. Audi Timing Belt Service is a critical major service that must be performed within certain mileage or time constraints. On an Audi it is important to replace not only the timing belt, but also the tensioner and idler pulleys and water pump. Depending on the model, there may also be dampeners and seals that need replacing while the belt is off. In addition, once the timing belt jumps, or breaks for that matter, then the engine will bend multiple valves. This critical service requires special tools and skills, don't trust this service to anyone without the appropriate skills and experience.

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